• What is a no-kill shelter? – All adoptable or medically treatable animals are saved and adopted, no matter how long the adoption process might take. This differs from kill shelters/animal control which euthanize after a set amount of days.
  • Where do your adoptable pets come from? – Our adoptable pets generally come from two sources, transport systems and owner relinquishment. Transport systems bring pets from kill shelters to shelters with openings. Pets that arrive through the shelter system are typically from southern Illinois or our southern states that have overpopulation issues. Owner relinquishment involves a current owner giving up there pet(s), which happens for a variety of reasons
  • Why can’t the shelter take in any more animals? – Since we’re a no-kill shelter we can only take in new homeless pets after our existing pets are adopted. At any given time the shelter houses over 35 dogs and over 75 cats.
  • What’s the adoption process? – Every person who wants to adopt a pet fills out an Adoption Form which is reviewed by an Adoption Counselor who performs a home check. The purpose of the screening process is to make sure applicants are a good fit for the pet they’re trying to adopt. which reduces returned pets. All adopted pets are spayed or neutered and up to date on shots.